Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aerosonic Announces New Order from Korea Aerospace Industries

Integrated Multi-Function Probe

Integrated Multi-Function Probe
The Integrated Multi-Function Probe (IMFPTM) provides data for Angle of Attack (AoA), Indicated Total Pressure (Pt), and Indicated Static Pressure (Ps). It provides data for AoA by sensing the direction of the local airflow. It has added sensing ports for impact and static like pressure on the rotating sensor probe. These pressures are used to calculate Pitot / Static, Airspeed, Mach number, and Altitude.
  • Added Functionality
    • Angle of Attack
    • Angle of Sideslip
    • Altitude
    • Airspeed
    • Mach Number
    • Pt
    • Ps
  • Configuration Changes to Accommodate
    • Airframes
    • Signature
  • Easily Incorporated Into Existing Airframes

Aerosonic Corporation (AMEX:AIM), a leading supplier of precision flight products for commercial, business and military aircraft, today announced that it has received a new purchase order from Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. ("KAI") in support of its T50 Golden Eagle jet trainer sale to Indonesia. The order is to supply air data systems that include its integrated multifunction probe ("IMFP") and related equipment for the production of the jet trainer aircraft. These additional shipments to KAI will begin in March 2012, and are planned to ship concurrently with existing orders.
The IMFP provides angle of attack, air data sensing and pressure sensing for military aircraft in one probe, reducing flight management system complexity on military aircraft. It is currently installed on several military aircraft.
"We are proud to play a role and share in the success of the T50 program and this very important win for KAI in their first international T50 export sale," commented Doug Hillman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This order provides us with a significant increase in our backlog for one of our technologically advanced products in a growing segment of the military market, and further strengthens our relationship with a valued customer."
Aerosonic Corporation, headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, is principally engaged in the manufacture of aviation products. For additional information, visit the Company's website at
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