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Kevin Rudd Set to Give C-130H and Boats to Indonesia

RAAF C-130H Hercules (photo : Jubes474)

Kevin Rudd set to give planes and boats to Indonesia in visit this week

Kevin Rudd will take a kitbag of goodies to Indonesia this week as he seeks more help from that county to curb the boat flow.

The secondhand C-130 Hercules planes that Indonesia was going to buy at “mates rates” will now be a gift, and there will be patrol boats (customs not naval) thrown in. There could also be developmental aid.

The whole package could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The decision to make a gift of the planes and provide the boats was taken before last week’s leadership change, in preparation for Julia Gillard making this trip.

Rudd will be in Jakarta and Bogor on Thursday and Friday for the third Indonesia-Australia Leaders' Meeting. The discussions will be broad but being seen to be able to do something to combat the boat inflow is vital as Rudd moves towards the election.

The patrol boats will assist with border protection but the free gift of the C-130s, which are transport planes, is about putting the Indonesians in a mood to be helpful generally on the border issue.

The trip plays to Rudd’s strengths. He’s naturally at home on the foreign stage and has a good relationship with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Gillard’s experience with Indonesia was mixed. The suspension of the live cattle trade caused great tension in the relationship. Rudd, foreign minister at the time, distanced himself by letting it be known he hadn’t been consulted; he later got involved in negotiations to sort things out. On the other hand, the regular leadership dialogue with Indonesia started (in late 2011) under Gillard.

While Rudd will be striving to come out of these talks with an impression that he has momentum in tackling people smuggling, previous experience indicates what’s said doesn’t always match what’s done on the issue.

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Vietnam did not Buy 18 Su-30K Aircraft from Russia?

Su-30K fighter jet (photo : Militaryphotos)

(DVO) - 18 Su-30K fighter jets that India returned to Russia, probably will not be sold to Vietnam, but instead is Ethiopia.

Deputy Group Director arms exporter Rosoboronexport Alexander Mikheyev said that Russia is negotiating supply 18 Su-30K fighters to Ethiopia.

Number 18 multipurpose fighters were returned to India to replace the Russian fighter Su-30MKI is newer.

"We are in consultation with Ethiopia for the supply of the fighter. They have proposed a variant to modernize, enhance combat capability as well as the specification and provide additional tactics the rocket - to - land / sea more advanced, "said Mikheyev said.

The Rosoboronexport officials also stressed that, at present, four Su-30K first being repaired at a local aircraft factory.

"Just got the proposal from customers and financial resources, we are ready to upgrade and modernize all 18 Su-30K aircraft within 4-6 months," he said Mikheyev.

Complete 18 Su-30K aircraft the IAF was not used in 10 years time, then returned to Russia. This aircraft was delivered to some 558 factories in Belarus to repair and upgrade, before being sold to 3rd party without giving back to Russia to avoid import taxes.

Each has been much speculation about the fate of 18 Su-30K and its destination. There has been news that Belarus wants to buy the whole lot and that Russian planes do not extend credit to them (Belarus) to purchase the Group's Irkut aircraft, then, a few other sources revealed that customer Nan is Vietnam after Vietnam military mission sent to check out a few planes.

Since then, no further information about the fate of this 18 Su-30K. However, the recent disclosure of personally Rosoboronexport Deputy Director General that Vietnam will not be a customer of 18 Su-30K aircraft, may be negotiated by the two parties, but does not meet requirements of each other, or maybe, Vietnam will not buy old planes instead is buying new aircraft Su-30 at a point!


TNI AD dan Kemhan Ajukan Tambahan Rp 6 Triliun untuk Pembelian Apache

Helikopter serang AH-64D Apache (photo : military-wallpaper)

TNI AD Ajukan Rp6 Triliun Beli Helikopter Serang dari AS, SEMARANG – Menteri Pertahanan Purnomo Yusgiantoro mengatakan Mabes TNI AD telah mengajukan tambahan anggaran khusus senilai Rp6 triliun untuk pembelian sejumlah helikopter serang Apache dari Amerika Serikat beserta persenjataannya.

”Pemerintah Amerika Serikat sudah menyetujui pembelian helikopter Apache. Sekarang sedang proses negosiasi harga,” ungkap di Semarang, Sabtu (29/6/2013).

Sebab harga satu unit helikopter Apache sangat mahal yakni senilai US$40 juta atau sekitar Rp388 miliar. ”Saat ini tim khusus dari Kementerian Pertahanan dan Mabes TNI AD, sedang melobi pemerintah Amerika Serikat mengenai harga helikopter Apache,” imbuhnya.

Keberadaan skadron Apache itu, kata Menhan, untuk melengkapi kekuatan militer Indonesia dalam menjaga kedaulatan negara.

”Selain TNI AD, TNI Angkatan Laut juga menyiapkan helikopter antikapal selam dan membuat armada perusak kawal rudal,” ujarnya.


Lovitt Technologies Wins Order for High Technology Work on F-35 Lightning II Valued at $2.94M USD

Australian Defence Industry participation on F-35 Lightning II (image : sldinfo)

Lovitt Technologies Australia (LTA) was notified by Lockheed Martin that they were awarded a contract for work on the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter with an estimated value of $2.945M USD for the delivery of titanium keels.

LTA participated in a global competition, winning this order for more than 300 parts, guaranteeing high technology work at the company’s Montmorency, Victoria facility over the next three years.  The titanium longeron keels form part of the linkage between two structural bulkheads in the aft portion of the inner wing assembly and provide structural integrity of the aircraft wings.

“We are pleased that our offer was selected for this work on the F-35.  Being a key supplier on the most high-profile defence program in the history of the world, gives our company the opportunity to showcase Lovitt Technologies’ capabilities as a provider of high-tech, precision engineering to the aerospace and defence sectors,” said Marcus Ramsay, Managing Director, Lovitt Technologies Australia.  “We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and resourcefulness to address our customers’ unique requirements in order to deliver maximum value on the F-35 program.”

(Lockheed Martin)

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